Fumblings in photography

About my fumbles

I am a very amateur photographer slowly fumbling my way through learning the ins and outs of photography.  I take photographs for my own pleasure and to record memories. This means what you will see on here will be (hopefully) good, but also not-so-good and probably really quite bad in places!

I use Olympus dSLRs, a very old Fuji pocket camera and my mobile phone so photographs will be of varying quality.  Composition is also something I am still learning about on a day-by-day basis as you will no doubt see.

As well as various pictures I may decide to share here, there will also be accounts of sundry trips and journeys mainly across these glorious isles of mine (I am based in the UK). As these are primarily a record for myself, I reserve the right to ramble at will!  When researching places to see and visit, I love reading other people’s accounts of what they saw and what they did and find them very useful sources of information no matter be they amazing works of art and prose or quickly snapped pics and hastily written notes.  I hope, somewhere along the way, someone somewhere will also find the same here.


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